Nighttime RX Skincare Regimen

Nighttime RX Skincare Regimen

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*Stemology Skin Science™ as seen on EXTRA and on The Doctors


For More Beautiful Skin By Morning

Nighttime is the right time for skin rejuvenation. Take advantage of skin’s natural restorative cycle with Stemology’s overnight regimen to soothe tired skin, address all 12 signs of facial aging and rehydrate tired, dry skin. With Stemology’s overnight regimen it’s never been easier to become a morning person.

Set Includes

  • 3.5 oz Cell Refresh Hydrating Cleanser
  • 1.7 oz Cell Rescue Active Gel Toner
  • 1.5 oz Cell Revive Serum Complete
  • 0.5 oz Cell Revive Eye Serum Complete
  • 1.76 oz Cell Renew Hydro-Plus Overnight Moisturizer


Cell Refresh Hydrating Cleanser

Refreshing gentle cleanser hydrates and soothes dry, red and/or sensitive skin.

Cell Rescue Active Gel Toner

Alcohol, astringent-free formula prepares skin to receive corrective actives and normalizes pH levels.

Cell Revive Serum Complete

Breakthrough formula addresses all the signs of facial aging, including fine lines and wrinkles, skin elasticity, firmness and tightness, skin tone, pore refinement, skin thickness, collagen, and free radical damage.

Cell Revive Eye Serum Complete

Breakthrough formula specifically designed to address all the major concerns of the eye area including dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles, sagging, puffiness and loss of tone and resilience.

Cell Renew Hydro-Plus Overnight Moisturizer

Rich and luxurious overnight moisturizer restores skin’s vital hydration to plump and volumize skin’s appearance, with visible results upon waking, and over time.